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Name:Calista Thorne (Fae OC)
Birthdate:Nov 18
Location:United States of America

Calista was born to Rae and Tara Thorne after Rae became pregnant through artificial insemination when they decided they wanted to have a child together. Her biological father was a friend of Calista's mothers, who also happened to be fae, and it was from him that she learned that she was a fox shifter. Whenever he was in town, Calista would spend time with him, learning about her abilities.

Growing up the daughter of a lesbian couple outside of the fae world wasn't always easy, though. Calista dealt with her share of bullying and cruelty, but it just taught her to be strong. Especially when she saw the grace and strength her mothers had in dealing with their own bullies and detractors simply because they loved each other.

Calista has always loved reading, and even today can often be found with a Kindle in hand during her downtime. She also enjoys swimming and martial arts.

After high school, Calista went to college to study criminal justice. However, instead of going into law like she had planned, she soon found herself in the world of bounty hunting when she helped a friend track down a suspect who had jumped bail. Finding she was actually a really good hunter because of her fox senses, she's since made it her career.

Rule number one of being a good hunter? Never allow yourself to get emotionally involved with your quarry.

Calista is an original character from a story idea developed by the mun and belongs solely to her. This journal has no ties to Katharine Isabelle who is being used to represent the character.

Age disclaimer for sexual situations: Muse and mun most definitely 18+.
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